We are FUNAYA, a unagi (eel) restaurant in Teradacho, Osaka City.
The best sauce, the best grilling skills, and your complete satisfaction are our goals.

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How to enjoy hitsumabishiHITSUMABUSHI

Hitsumabushi Hitsumabushi is chopped grilled unagi with rice in a tub. Apart from eating unagi and rice in a bowl as it is, you can enjoy different tastes with spices or with soup.

How to enjoy hitsumabishi in four ways

To begin with, the whole unagi and rice is divided into four portions by using a rice scoop.
Then each portion is eaten in a different way.

  • Simple Way

    You put unagi and rice in a bowl
    and enjoy the very taste of unagi.

  • With Spices

    Then you put some spices like spring onion and wasabi.
    Good flavors of spices spread in the mouth.

  • Dashi Chazuke

    Over the spiced unagi and rice,
    you pour soup to make dashi chazuke.
    Flavor of unagi accentuates
    the refreshing taste of chazuke.

  • Your Favorite Way

    Lastly, you enjoy the rest in your favorite way
    among these three.